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About Discovering Macedonia

The country of grassy plateaus, crystal blue lakes, snowy peaks and colorful mountain terrain, describing Macedonia begs linguistic effort. Diverse and abundantly rich, it a place of unprecedented beauty.

Located in the center of the Balkan Peninsula, and home to over 2 million people, it is blessed with Mediterranean climate, colorful geography, and breathtaking scenery aplenty. Secluded, however, from the rest of the world, it remains largely forgotten.

The goal of this website is to give Macedonia the extended treatment it deserves, promoting cultural heritage, heavenly nature, and royal cuisine. Our vision is to describe the Macedonian experience – as it is – providing a personal pocket guide throughout your entire stay.

Lifting the curtain, a proper introduction seems adequate. We are a happily married couple, currently residing in Skopje, the capital of Macedonia, invested heavily into exploring this amazing destination. My name is Slavko and I do most of the writing, while Meri accompanies me on every adventure, helping along.

We understand how traveling can mean so many different things to so many different people, so we try to reflect this on the Macedonian experience – creating this multimedia guide, our camera goes from charming and urban cities, to remote off-road destinations. As a kaleidoscope run wild, Macedonia can offer a sensory overload of another kind.

The Macedonian experience is tremendously diverse. Artisan workshops and cultural events can satisfy the acquired taste, while the historical, traditional part of the picture can captivate almost everyone. Foodies, on the other hand, will equally enjoy the Macedonian cuisine, while nature aficionados will find a heaven-on-Earth for many outdoor activities including mountain biking, paragliding, horseback riding, kayaking, and many more.

We will talk about the urban jungle of Skopje, but write in depth about the countryside as well. Filled with vineyards, canyons, and postcard worthy attractions, it is the center of the Macedonian adventure.

Planning each trip outside of the popular tourist agenda, we try to create a personal travel narrative. One that is locally unique, and colorful enough to capture the full scope of what this country has to offer. The list, long as it is, will feature many places to visit, and many things to do. Eventually, you will discover this beautiful country for what it is, and fall in love right away.

Seeing, though, how we are older than six, not everything is flowery prose. Resting on the sidewalk of European integrations for years on end, Macedonia will introduce you to some frustrating obstacles as well. Dealing with them is our everyday routine, so expect lengthy guides on how to find your way around. To compensate, however, for many of its shortcomings, Macedonian adventures come on a budget. Affordable beyond expectation, they are definitely going to prolong your visit.

From cost of living, transport, nightlife, hospitality and accommodation, to interesting trivia and local know-how, expect to learn everything you need to know about Macedonia. Visiting Skopje, Ohrid and everything in between, you will enjoy an unforgettable vacation, paying lip service for years on end.

Welcome to our site, and this amazing country!