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About us

Attractive destinations, places that create magic, pictures that inspire everyone to pack their bags… It is all partially due to good marketing, and other countries have done it well. Now, it is our turn to promote this diverse and abundantly rich destination. A lot of places to visit, never really marketed up until now, some of which surpass popular holiday destinations through and through. It is your turn to visit this amazing country, and enjoy everything it has to offer.

From cultural heritage bearing witness to all the great empires that once settled here, through plethora of natural beauties such as snowy peaks, grassy plateaus and crystal blue lakes, to equally charming urban cities intertwined with tradition, hip places and restaurants serving the most peculiar of cuisine.

The Macedonian experience, being tremendously diverse, is full of surprises. The number of cultural events can satisfy those with the most refined of taste, and the historical, traditional part of the picture can captivate almost everyone. Foodies will equally enjoy this amazing destination, and nature enthusiasts will find a heaven-on-earth for outdoor activities including mountain biking, paragliding, kayaking, horseback riding and many more.

This site aims to promote Macedonia as it deserves to be promoted, and help you get there, plan your stay, guide you through the beauties and riches of this amazing country. Here, you will find everything you need to know about Macedonia, all the places you can visit, all the things you can do, all the food you can taste, events you can attend to.

Our vision is to describe the Macedonian experience – as it is- and be your pocket tour guide by helping you enjoy your stay. It is up to you to discover this amazing country, for much waits to be seen and experienced. Experience the sensory overload, and have your cameras snapping like never before. Welcome to Macedonia.