Skopje Shopping – Everything You Need to Know

If you ever choose to pay a visit to Macedonia, you have to experience the magic of shopping in Skopje. The capital of Macedonia offers a wide range of stores, displaying a garden variety of the old, traditional but also modern. From luxury boutiques to local crafts and second hand stores, this city is guaranteed to fulfill your shopping needs. 

Skopje Shopping

One of the best things about shopping in Skopje is that the biggest stores and bazaars are located relatively close to one another. You can practically do all your shopping on foot and get anything you need without having to spend an entire day moving around.

The Macedonian currency

Macedonia’s national currency is the Denar (100 MKD = 1.85 USD). The safest places to change money are banks and official exchange offices, which are set in every mall in the city. There is no significant difference in rates, so feel safe to enter the closest one.

If you need more information about the cost of living in Macedonia, or want to learn more about the Macedonian currency, read our extensive guides on both topics and you’ll feel more than comfortable when scheduling the experience that is Skopje Shopping. 

That being said, here is a short guide on some of the best places to visit while shopping in the city:

The Old Bazaar

Skopje Old Bazar

Starting from the historical Skopje shopping spot, the Old Bazaar offers a mixture of Ottoman and European culture, antique finds and modern technology, handmade crafts and luxury jewelry. This is the place where you can hunt antique items at incredibly low prices, and discover a variety of precious gold jewelry. A WWII soldier’s helmet facing a luxury modern dress across the street – this is just one of the fascinating phenomena you’ll encounter while shopping in the Old Bazaar. Most of the traditional handmade crafts are located here, making the Old Bazaar the best place for buying Macedonian souvenirs.

Opening hours: 8 am to 7 pm, Monday – Saturday.

City shopping centre – GTC

Skopje GTC

GTC or simply called “City Shopping Centre” is a must visit Skopje shopping location. Located right in the heart of the city, this mall offers a variety of products, ranging from sports equipment and gym wear, to fancy dresses and designer shoes. Navigating around the mall is super easy, and you can find almost anything you need.

If you’re particularly interested in leather shoes, this mall is the best spot to find many high quality styles and brands, some of which are local. There’s also a variety of shoes and clothing for vegan shoppers, made from faux leather and fur. Aside from shoes, stores in GTC offer plenty of beautifully designed formal dresses and gowns for any occasion, size and budget. 

In any case, shopping in Skopje wouldn’t be complete without visiting GTC.

Opening hours: 8 am to 9 pm, Monday – Saturday.

Skopje City Mall

Skopje City Mall

The largest and most visited shopping mall in the area is located just 3 km away from the centre of Skopje, in what is known as the municipality of Karposh. Skopje City Mall is the home of 150 stores that offer both high end and affordable attire. There’s a wide selection of products for just about anyone – children’s and teen clothing lines along with men’s and women’s latest fashion trends.  It’s the perfect Skopje shopping spot – a mixture of fast fashion, luxury brands, Italian clothing lines and western attire. 

You can find many affordable European brands such as Zara, Bershka, Stradivarius, Pull & Bear, Tom Tailor and more. If you’re looking to shop mid–range products, definitely visit Mango, Springfield, Timberland and Levi’s.

There are also a lot of American brands like Nike, Vans, Skechers, Converse and other labels that produce high quality active wear.  

Skopje City Mall is the best place for fashionistas that love to splurge on high end pieces of clothing and fashion accessories. There’s a selection of luxury brands such as Armani, Versace, Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren, Karl Lagerfeld, Calvin Klein and many more boutiques that would satisfy even the pickiest of shoppers.

Overall, Skopje City Mall provides the quality and diversity that make shopping in Skopje a pleasant experience.

Should you get hungry, there is a wide palate of fast food chains to visit, and the prices are more than affordable compared to western standards. From local Macedonian fast food stores, to big brands like KFC, there is a plenty of food to enjoy. The terrace at the highest floor also offers some of the most spectacular views, which you can savor while having a bite.

Opening hours: 10 am to 10 pm, Monday – Sunday.

Ramstore Mall

Skopje Ramstore Mall

Located in the center of Skopje, Ramstore Mall is very easy to reach and navigate around. Although it has only about 50 stores, this mall offers unique products that can’t be found elsewhere in the city. It’s a mixture of Turkish and Italian brands and there’s attire for all ages, regardless of gender and occasions. 

When going on a Skopje shopping spree, don’t hesitate to visit Ramstore Mall. It’s the only place in town to shop Italian fashion houses like Liu Jo, Trussardi, Pinko and Paul & Shark, which create high quality, fashionable items. If you’re looking for affordable clothing and shoes, check out Turkish brands such as LC Waikiki, Koton and Greyder. 

Bonus points when you consider its close proximity to the Old Railway station, the Macedonian square, The House of Mother Theresa, and the nearby GTC mall.

Opening hours: 10 am to 10 pm, Monday – Sunday.

The experience of Skopje shopping is not only about buying shoes and clothes – it’s a great way to learn more about the Macedonian lifestyle. Shopping in Skopje will help you discover a new culture and that’s what travel is all about! Spending an entire day wandering around the city, and navigating one mall after another, you’ll get a better feel of the Macedonian lifestyle, and definitely get to know the capital even more. Not to mention that you’ll refresh some of your wardrobe at prices that are hard to beat.