Fast food Skopje – best places and what to order

“Fast food Skopje” is a weird expression considering how special the Macedonian cuisine is. Macedonia is famous for its amazing traditional food and the slow cooking practices. The locals are used to make everything from scratch and they enjoy meals containing fresh ingredients such as veggies, fruits, cheese and meat from local farms. It’s safe to say that the concept of fast food can’t be found in the standard Macedonian dishes.

Fast Food Skopje

However, the modern lifestyle often demands a quick bite that won’t take hours to prepare. And Skopje, just like any modern city, has a variety of fast food restaurants that offer tasty meals and food delivery. So when you’re not enjoying a plate of ajvar and goat cheese, make sure you try some of the fast food in Skopje.

Let’s look at some of the best places to order Skopje fast food!


Fast Food Skopje Burger

Burger Friends

This is the place where most locals call in order to get the best burgers in town. Burger Friends offers a variety of delicious burgers containing chicken, lamb and beef, as well as vegan and vegetarian meals. The delivery is fast and the prices are very reasonable, so it’s definitely worth a try!

Urban Burger Bar

The name of this place pretty much says it all – this bar for burgers will satisfy your cravings for a greasy, heavenly hamburger! Urban Burger Bar offers a selection of flavorful sandwiches and burgers, one of which contains an incredible amount of 4 patties. Now that’s a good reason to add this spot to any fast food Skopje list!

Plaset Doner

Not your standard burger spot, Plaset Doner is famous for the delicious doner made with fresh lamb and chicken meat. The burgers and fries are mouthwatering as well, and if your food cravings kick in late at night, this might be the best fast food Skopje spot for you – they work late hours and have excellent, fast service. 


Fast Food Skopje Pizza

Mama Italiana

If you’re a true pizza lover, you have to check out this place. Known as the best pizza delivery service in Skopje, Mama Italiana offers a wide range of tasty pizzas, fast delivery and good customer service. The prices are relatively cheap considering how good their pizzas are, which is another reason to add this venue to your Skopje fast food checklist.

Domino’s Pizza

Yes, you can find the world’s renowned pizza delivery service among the best fast food venues Skopje has to offer! Domino’s Pizza has a wide variety of flavors that outrank most of the other pizza places in Skopje. Ranging from choco pizza to burger pizza, there’s a meal for even the pickiest of pizza lovers. The prices are somewhat higher when compared to other fast food restaurants, but the delivery is within half an hour, and the pizzas are amazing!

Pizza Jakomo

Another cool pizza place, Jakomo offers yummy pizzas at cheap prices. It’s the only place in town that serves the unusual carbon veggie pizza made with activated charcoal. The delivery is slower than Domino’s, but it’s totally worth the wait!


Fast Food Skopje Gyro


If gyros are your thing, this is the best fast food Skopje spot for you. And if you’re wondering what the heck is a “gyro”, don’t hesitate to order one! Foodio serves a range of amazing foods that resemble a doner, or a wrap. Also, their fries are so yummy, that you’ll want to make an extra order.

Chinese food

Star Ocean

No food delivery list is complete without a good old Chinese takeout dish. Star Ocean offers tasty noodles, rice dishes, salads, as well as fortune cookies to make your day. If you’re into Chinese food, definitely check out this place!

Healthy food

Fitness House

Here you’ll find the healthiest fast food Skopje has to offer. Fitness House makes food for fitness lovers and everyone that loves a guilt free burger. It’s the only place in town where you can have a keto burger and a green burger that has green buns made from spinach. Due to the healthy, fresh ingredients, the prices are higher when compared to most places. However, the food is amazing and there’s fast delivery so it’s all worth it!

Vegan/gluten free

Fast Food Skopje Vegan Food

Vegan 365 Kitchen

Although there are vegetarian and vegan options in most menus at the Skopje fast food places, Vegan 365 Kitchen is dedicated to serving solely vegan food. Needless to say, everything on the menu is delicious! You can order a juicy burger made from soy, veggies or falafel, along with some tasty vegetables and sauces – even meat lovers like what this place has to offer. So if you want some freshness delivered to your doorstep, do give them a call! 

Didn’t find your favorite meal on this list? If you’d like to explore the entire menu of fast food Skopje, that has to offer, check out some of our platform suggestions above. These are delivery services that help hungry folks get food from restaurants that otherwise won’t offer a delivery. There’s a wide selection of cuisines and foods such as hot dogs, kebabs, tacos, donuts, pancakes, and more. In any case, you won’t stay hungry for long with all of this variety on the Skopje fast food menu.M