Best Skopje Taxi Companies

Whether you’re staying in Skopje for a while or just passing by, you need to plan ahead and get all the info about the means of transport in this city. Having a well prepared map with all the locations you plan to see will save you a lot of headache and make your trip much easier. After all, transportation takes a huge chunk out of any traveling experience, so it’s best to know all the details before arrival.

Best Skopje Taxi Companies

So how do you get around in the capital of Macedonia? At this time, the only available public transport is the double-decker bus. Although using these busses can be a fun way to go sightseeing, they’re not exactly the fastest or simplest way to get you from point A to point B.

How else can you travel in the city of Skopje? The only way aside from renting a car is catching a cab from one of the Skopje taxi companies. Unlike most of the world’s capitals, Skopje offers quick and safe taxi transportation for affordable prices. These companies are very easy to reach, work 24/7 and the drivers arrive within minutes of calling. This is why locals use them daily to make their way through the busy Skopje traffic.

Here are the best Skopje Taxi companies to call

Best Skopje Taxi Companies

The list below is certainly not complete, since the Macedonian capital is filled with different companies that offer their driving services. There are more Macedonian taxi companies than bus lines in total, and many locals are using the taxi service to earn a living under the radar. Needless to say, you’d want to catch a ride with the most reputable taxi in Skopje, so here is a shorter list:

Global Taxi Skopje

This Skopje taxi company has 79 vehicles available 24 hours a day. The drivers are polite and always on time and the vehicles are fairly new and clean.

Phone numbers:

  • 02 15 180
  • 070515 180
  • 076 215 180
  • 078 415 180

Deluxe Taxi

If you’re looking for a comfy, spacious taxi in Skopje, call Deluxe. Most of the cars they use are Mercedes Benz, so you’re guaranteed a safe drive.

Phone number:

  • 02 15 187
  • 071 228 822

Teniks Taxi Skopje

One of the first taxi companies in Skopje, Teniks offers great service at some of the cheapest taxi rates in the city.

Phone numbers:

  • 02 151 94
  • 071 209 194
  • 075 209 194
  • 078 309 194

Classic Taxi

Classic Taxi has been transporting locals and tourists for almost 20 years now. They also offer rides to other cities throughout the country at very reasonable prices.

Phone numbers:  

  • 15 167
  • 070 279 167
  • 075 279 167
  • 078 279 167

City Taxi Skopje

City Taxi is yet another Skopje taxi company with more than 80 vehicles and 140 drivers, working 24 hours a day. Their rates are just a little bit higher than the companies mentioned above.

Phone numbers:

  • 02 15 181
  • 072 315 181

Royal Taxi Skopje

Just as the name suggests it, Taxi Royal Skopje offers high quality service, clean air conditioned vehicles and polite, helpful drivers. The rates are higher than the other companies, but not too pricey for the usual taxi in Skopje.

Phone number:

  • 078 409 940

Radio Taxi Riva

Radio Taxi Riva is an old, trusted Skopje taxi company. Their vehicles might not be the newest, but the rates are very affordable and they offer good service.

Phone numbers:

  • 02 15 161
  • 075 215 161
  • 075 497 863

Yellow Taxi Skopje

Recognizable by their bright yellow and black stripes, this Skopje taxi company offers safe rides at reasonable rates.

Phone numbers:

  • 13223
  • 070 304 303

Panorama Prolet

Panorama Prolet offers quick service and affordable prices. The drivers are very polite and helpful, which is why a lot of locals recommend this company.

Phone number:

  • 071 315 199

Book Taxi Skopje

Although most of the Skopje taxi companies offer rides to and from the airport, Book Taxi Skopje specializes in airport transfer and long distance taxi service. Their vehicles are comfortable and can take up to 5 passengers, and the prices are fixed and reasonable. So, if you are looking for a Skopje airport taxi, this is the service you’d want to call.

You can book a taxi through their website or call 078 202 368

Most are easily recognizable, painted in yellow, and covered with advertising or their specific branding palate of colors. It’s really hard to miss a taxi in Skopje.

Taxi in Skopje – things to consider

Even if you’re staying in the very centre of the city where you can reach everything on foot, you’ll still need to use some sort of transportation to move around and explore Skopje. The traffic is often busy and congested, so catching a taxi in Skopje is the best way to quickly get to your desired destination. The prices are beyond affordable when compared to western standards, and there is hardly a distance in length that surpasses 5-6 dollars, unless we are talking about the very periphery of the city. Most rides will cost anywhere between 2 and 3 dollars, covering the entirety of urban space in Skopje.

If you see a vehicle from one of these taxi companies in Skopje, don’t hesitate to raise your arm. The center is crowded with taxi vehicles cruising around, so there is no need to wait for a couple of minutes more, by calling on your phone.

The bus network, although reliable, can easily confuse you, since it wasn’t created with tourists in mind. Besides, the new pricing method makes it much harder for foreigners to use bus transit since you either have to pay with a pre-paid card, which is not available for purchase onboard, or through your mobile phone – which, again, is a quite a hassle if you are not staying here long enough that your visit warrants the use of a cellular package or even a pre-paid card.

The taxi in Skopje is an equally affordable method of transportation, and it will get you anywhere you need to go in a matter of minutes. Consider one company from the list above, and you will be more than satisfied with your ride.