Best movie theaters in Skopje

The city of Skopje has so much to offer. There’s a lively nightlife, historical monuments, modern shopping malls and stunning nature. Skopje is also a place of art and culture, offering music and film festivals, theater plays and art exhibitions.

Cineplexx Skopje Outside

One of the most appreciated art form among locals is, of course, the film. The people of Skopje love to catch up on the latest Hollywood blockbusters and attend European film festivals.  Apart from the bars, a Skopje movie theater is the best place to find entertainment.

Whether you’re a film fanatic or just looking to enjoy a relaxing movie night, Skopje has you covered.

Here are the best movie theaters in Skopje to visit.

Cineplexx Skopje

Located in the magnificent Skopje City Mall, Cineplexx is the biggest, most visited and certainly the best movie theater in Skopje. It’s very easy to get to and the fact that it’s set in the biggest mall in the city makes it so convenient.

Cineplexx Skopje offers 9 spacious halls, with movie screens reaching up to 1200 square feet. It is equipped with high tech and it meets modern standards. The sound system is beyond everything else in the region, and you’ll definitely appreciate the immersive experience.

Right in front of the halls entrance, there’s a lounge area and a stand where you can get all kinds of snacks and alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages. There’s a chance you’ll run across a fun family or music event, as this theater often organizes various activities and provides fun for all ages.

Cineplexx offers the widest selection of movies in the area. This is the place to see the latest blockbusters – you can even book a ticket for a movie pre-premiere and be among the first people to see it.

It’s also the best place in town to see a movie in 3D, and although the ticket prices are a bit higher than the other cinemas in Skopje, it’s absolutely worth it. Because it can get crowded, especially during the weekends, it’s best to make an online ticket reservation on their website and save a spot. Tuesdays are always promotional days of the week, when the ticket gets as low as half the price.

Visiting this Skopje movie theater is a great way to end your long day of shopping, or complete your dinner date at the Skopje City Mall. Either way, Cineplexx is guaranteed to give you a fun time!

Cinema Milenium

Cinema Milenium Skopje

Millenium, just like Cineplexx Skopje, is located in a popular Skopje mall – GTC, or the City Shopping Mall. GTC is set right in the heart of the city, which makes this Skopje movie theater very easy to reach.

Unlike Cineplexx Skopje, Millennium doesn’t offer a huge selection of movies. However, it does show the latest, most popular movies and keeps up with the modern cinema standards. There’s only one hall in Millenium, but it’s rarely crowded. The cool thing about this cinema is that you can walk in without reservations and get tickets on the spot. It’s not as popular as Cineplexx Skopje, so the hall is often half empty, which is great for anyone that likes to avoid big crowds.

If you choose to visit Milenium Skopje Theater during the week, you’ll likely get to enjoy the big screen with a small group of people, almost as a private cinema. There’s also a stand for various snacks and drinks at reasonable prices.

If you’re looking for a relaxing movie night on a budget, this Skopje movie theater is the best place for you. All of the tickets are fairly cheap and at almost half the prices compared to the movie tickets in Cineplexx Skopje. So if you’re up for a chill atmosphere at a low cost, definitely visit Millennium Skopje.

Frosina Hall

This small, pleasant movie theater is a part of MKC, or the Youth Cultural Center of Skopje. MKC is the home of art in many forms, hosting theater plays, art exhibitions, music festivals and more.

The Frosina Hall offers a variety of Macedonian and European movies that you can’t find in the other cinemas in Skopje. It promotes alternative films and small creators. Frosina Hall is also the home of local and international film festivals.

Apart from the movie theater, this building has a few spacious halls that are occupied with various events, and a restaurant that serves amazing food and drinks. MKC is very close to the center of Skopje and the Old Bazaar, and the prices are very affordable, so you won’t spend much on transport or tickets.

If you’re looking to spend a nice evening surrounded with art, and especially indie projects, make sure to add MKC to your checklist!

All in all, these are the three movie theaters in Skopje that deserve attention, but you can easily count Cineplexx as a movie theatre complex – a small district dedicated to the fine art of cinema. So chose the movie, grab a ticket, and immerse yourself into the atmosphere. Skopje has plenty of entertainment to offer, and these cinemas are definitely at the top of the list.