Best Macedonian Universities

Looking back in history, we can see that Macedonia was the home of important figures in the educational field. For example, the oldest Slavic alphabet was created by two Macedonian brothers – missionaries Saint Cyril and Saint Methodius. This script was the foundation of the Cyrillic alphabet, which is used today in all Slavic countries across Eastern and South Eastern Europe. Having such a crucial role in the development of education throughout the centuries, Macedonia still remains a very important cultural and educational center in the Balkans. Today, there are more than 20 Macedonian Universities all around the country, making it a great place to seek knowledge and experience student life.

Macedonian Universities

If you’re looking to pursue your education in this amazing country, learn more about the best universities in Macedonia. 

State Universities

Ss. Cyril and Methodius University of Skopje

Cyril And Methodius University Skopje

The SaintsCyril and Methodius University of Skopje is the largest and best public university in the area. Located close to the Old Bazaar and the center of the city, this campus is spread over 90,000 m² of land. Although it covers a large area, it is very easy to navigate around. Reaching it from every point of Skopje is even easier due to its convenient location in the center of the city. Needless to say, this campus is the focal point of Macedonian Universities and academic life.

Named after the famous Macedonian missionaries, this is the campus where more than 50,000 local and international students pursue their degrees in various fields. The university is made up of 23 faculties and 10 research institutes. Out of all the other Macedonian universities, the Saints Cyril and Methodius University offers the widest selection of academic disciplines. The faculties cover plenty of fields such as philology, natural science and mathematics, philosophy, medical sciences, agricultural sciences, pedagogy, forestry, civil engineering, mechanical and electrical engineering, economics, music, pharmacy, computer science, fine arts and more. All studies are carried out in Macedonian, however many lectures are available in English, Albanian, German, French and Italian.

There are three public student dormitories around Skopje and this accommodation is available for all students attending this university.

University “Goce Delcev” of Stip

Goce Delcev University Stip

According to the Academic Ranking of World Universities, the Goce Delcev University of Stip is ranked second best university in Macedonia. This ranking speaks volumes about the university considering that it isn’t located in the country capital. 

UGD is the home of 12 faculties and 3 academies, which are spread throughout 4 campuses. It’s located in the city of Stip, at around 2 hour drive from Skopje, but the lectures are also carried out in 12 other cities in Macedonia. However it’s best to attend classes in Stip, since this city offers great accomodation for students at incredibly affordable prices. The cost of living and studies are way cheaper than the ones in Skopje, which makes it very convenient for all students from every corner of the world. 

This university is popular for its successful student exchange program and partnerships with various European universities. Each year, students from all over Europe are enrolled in the various departments that UGD offers. The faculties range from law, economics and business logistics to agriculture, computer science and technology. This is also the place for students looking to pursue their creative calling in the UGD academies of film, art and music. 

St. Clement of Ohrid University of Bitola

Saint Clement Of Ohrid University Bitola

The St. Clement of Ohrid University might not have a huge selection of educational fields like other Macedonian universities, but it’s definitely a unique institution that distributes knowledge throughout the whole country. 

Based in the beautiful city of Bitola, this university offers faculties located in other cities around Macedonia: Ohrid, Skopje, Kichevo, Veles and Prilep. If you’re seeking higher education in places outside the capital, this is the right university for you.

There are 10 faculties you can choose from, ranging from information and communication technologies, veterinary medicine and economics, to technical and biotechnical sciences, security and law.

Private universities

University American College Skopje

American College Skopje

The University American College Skopje, or UACS, is one of the best private universities in Macedonia. Located in the Aerodrom Municipality, just 5 minutes away from the center of Skopje, this modern campus is equipped with the latest tech and some of the best professors in the area. 

It’s safe to say that this university chooses quality over quantity – there are only 6 faculties, yet each one is highly developed. At the University American College, you can apply to undergraduate and graduate studies in business economics and management, political science and psychology, foreign languages, architecture and design, law and computer science and information technology. PhD programs are available in law, economics and business administration.

UACS works with universities in Europe and USA and offers international academic exchanges to students willing to study abroad. It’s also one of the few Macedonian universities that awards partial and full scholarships. 

If you’re looking for a campus that meets American standards, this is the best place for you, and it is certainly one of the best universities in Macedonia.

Southeast European University 

South East European University Skopje

The Southeast European University is the largest private – public not-for-profit university in Macedonia. The main campus is located in the city of Tetovo but there’s a smaller campus in Skopje as well.

SEEU offers undergraduate, graduate and master studies in 5 different fields – the faculties of business and economics, law, languages, cultures and communication, contemporary social sciences and contemporary social sciences and technologies. Because it’s not a fully private institution, the tuition at these faculties is far more affordable than the other private Macedonian universities. This university is known for its’ diversity and it is a well-respected institution in the area. Lectures are carried out in 3 languages: English, Macedonian and Albanian.

The Southeast European University provides scholarships and helps students find employment through its’ career centre. As many Macedonian Universities, SEEU is partnered with European schools and offers student exchange. 

If you’re leaning towards the European style of lectures, SEEU is the right campus for you.

Whether you’re aiming to upgrade your education to a higher level or just want to enjoy student life in the Balkans, the best universities in Macedonia will provide a unique student experience.

The cost of living in Macedonia is way below that of the average European country, the nightlife in Skopje is vibrant and colorful, and there are plenty of things to discover as you stay in one of the most underrated corners of the old continent. Most universities in Macedonia will provide you with a student pass, which grants a garden variety of benefits in both the public and private sector, mostly in the forms of free tickets to museums and cultural institutions, as well as discounts on different goods and services.

Explore the possibilities, choose your favorite field and apply today!