Best Beaches in Ohrid

The city of Ohrid is a place of breathtaking natural and historical sceneries. It’s that one city in Macedonia that you just have to visit, especially if you’re looking for a vacation spot in the area. Tourists from all over Europe choose to spend their summer at the amazing beaches in Ohrid, and there are so many good reasons why.

Ohrid Beaches

The Ohrid region is a UNESCO cultural and natural heritage site and the Ohrid Lake is one of Europe’s oldest and deepest lakes. It certainly is a unique destination. Whether you want to go on a romantic getaway or have a fun family vacation, the Ohrid beaches will provide an opportunity to have the best summer ever!

So get your beach bag ready and have a look at the best beaches in Ohrid and the entire bay area.

Potpesh beach

Potpesh Beach

A charming secluded beach near St John church at Kaneo, Potpesh is a must see Ohrid spot. It’s very easy to reach since it’s located in the Old Town, right at the foot of the cliffs.

Potpesh isn’t as loud and crowded as most beaches in Ohrid so you’ll definitely appreciate the setting. It’s very small and private, and if you’re lucky enough to save a spot you’ll get to enjoy the beautiful view of the lake and St John Kaneo relatively undisturbed. This location is among the most visited places in Ohrid, since it combines the religious tourism offer along with leisure.

There’s also a restaurant that serves delicious food which makes it a perfect spot for a lakeside meal. Morning, afternoon or evening, it makes little difference – the setting is beautiful either way.

Cuba Libre beach

Cuba Libre Beach

Another beach that’s very close to the center of the city, Cuba Libre bar/beach is a great place to spend a warm summer day. The terrace over the lake is very pleasant and cozy, and if you need some time away from the sun – there’s a covered area in the Cuba Libre restaurant where you can chill all day long.

The food is amazing and the prices are very reasonable. If you don’t want to visit the bar, you can relax at the beach, which like most beaches in Ohrid, is free of charge.

Lagadin beach

Lagadin Beach

A lot of locals place Lagadin among the best beaches in Ohrid because of its good ambience and clean water. This Ohrid beach isn’t very far from the city, but you do need a short bus or car ride to get to it.

The view from Lagadin is absolutely stunning – definitely add it to your list if you want to spend a chill day by the lake, enjoying the Ohrid Bay in its full glory.

Gradiste beach

Gradishte Beach

If you’re looking for a fun, upbeat energy and loud music, Gradiste is the best beach for you. Unlike the other beaches in Ohrid, this one has a camping site that a lot of young adventurous people spend their whole summer at.

Although the area is huge, it’s almost always crowded and busy due to its popularity. Most of the biggest Ohrid parties are held at Gradiste, and there’s a DJ or a party event on almost every weekend during the summer.

There’s very loud music coming from the bars and restaurants at all times, so if you want to have a quiet family time, this might not be the best location for you. However if you’re up for partying all day and all night, stop looking into other Ohrid beaches and definitely visit Gradiste!

Ljubanista beach

Ljubaniste Beach

Most beaches in Ohrid consist of pebble, so it’s very refreshing to see a nice, sandy beach. Ljubanista is located around 30 km from the center of Ohrid, so you’ll need a 30 minute ride to get there. It’s absolutely worth visiting though – the atmosphere is peaceful and chill, making it a perfect place for relaxing and enjoying the lake.

If you’re looking for a family friendly place among the Ohrid beaches, this is it! But make sure to get there early, since its reputation is known far and wide.

St. Naum beach

St Naum Beach

Next to Ljubanista and at the furthest point on the Ohrid lake shoreline, the beach near the Monastery of St Naum is a must see. The nature surrounding it is amazing and the impressive view of the lake will leave you speechless.

St. Naum beach definitely stands out among the beaches in Ohrid! If you choose to pay a visit to the monastery, your usual beach day will turn into a short historical trip as well. This entire area is worth exploring, so make sure to add the Saint Naum location on the list of places while discovering Macedonia.

Trpejca beach

Trpejca Beach

Located in the Trpejca village, 17 km away from the centre of Ohrid, this beach is the perfect location for anyone that seeks peace and solitude.

Trpejca is very different from the other beaches in Ohrid. It’s a small, secluded and quiet place surrounded by beautiful nature and a calming ambience. This beach might be the best setting for a romantic getaway and enjoying the magical sunsets with your loved one.

There you have it, a short but nevertheless comprehensive list of the best beaches in Ohrid. The Ohrid Lake is a marvelous place to visit, but now you know where to head first. All of these locations are versatile enough to provide plenty of opportunities to discover Macedonia and get the full scope of the Macedonian experience. Summer comes, and Ohrid is the best place to be. Enjoy your holiday!