Best Bars in Skopje

You won’t be able to fully explore the Macedonian culture without paying a visit to some of the bars in Skopje. The capital of Macedonia has a dynamic nightlife that will leave anyone in awe! Whether you’re looking to try out some delicious cocktails, or have the traditional Macedonian drink “rakija”, this city has a little something for every taste. The best bars in Skopje offer a variety of drinks and snacks, as well as lively performances by local bands and DJs. 

Best Bars In Skopje

The social life in Skopje revolves around food and drinks, so don’t be surprised if you see someone having a burger while you’re waiting for your beer. It’s just a part of the culture – people in the Balkans love to have their food within reach at all times! That being said, you won’t have to reserve a spot at a restaurant before hitting the bars in Skopje.

As far as drinks go, most bars offer almost any beverage you can think of. Although Macedonia is famous for its’ amazing wineries, the bars in Skopje are big on beers, cocktails and hard liquors. 

Another cool thing about these spots is that they’re all located in the centre of the city and close to one another. This means you can have a fun night of bar-hopping on foot!

So without further ado, let us show you the way to the next whisky bar!

Cocktail bar

Located in the centre of the city, this place is one of the most visited bars in Skopje. The name says it all – “Cocktail Bar” is where locals go for a fun night out filled with various drinks in all shapes, sizes and colors. Known as the best cocktail spot in town, this bar offers tasty beverages, great music and a delightful secluded terrace to enjoy your night in.


Best Bars In Skopje Speakeasy

The name, the music and the drinks in this bar create an ambience that will take you back to the period of prohibition in the U.S. Located in the rooms of an old building in the Skopje City Park, offering a wide range of vintage themed cocktails along with the sounds of retro jazz music, Speakeasy tells a story of a different era. This old fashioned setting will make you forget that you’re having a night out in one of the bars in Skopje. The fact that it was awarded for being the No. 1 best caffe/bar of 2018 in the area is another reason to list this unique place as one of the best bars in Skopje. 

Casa Bar

Moving on to a modern, trendy place – Casa bar is one of those famous city spots that you just can’t miss. Offering a wide selection of cocktails and hard liquors, this bar is known for having one of the best parties in town. As in most of the bars in Skopje, the chances of seeing a local band performing the latest rock and pop hits, or a DJ playing house music are very high. In Casa bar there’s a party almost every day of the week, especially in the summertime, when it’s mostly visited. If you’re up for a night of dancing, great music and good crowd, this is the right place for you!

Cosy Bar 

If you’re a beer lover, this just might be the best spot for you. Located in the center of Skopje, near the City Park, this place has the perfect combination of upbeat energy and chill, cosy ambience. Cosy bar offers more than 50 types of beers – mostly Belgian, Dutch, German and Macedonian, that can’t be found in the other bars in Skopje, or elsewhere in the city. The food menu perfectly complements the variety of beers – you can find some seriously delicious ribs, burgers and snacks that will definitely satisfy your food cravings. Cosy bar is never short of entertainment – on most nights you can see a local band, a DJ or a Karaoke show and a friendly crowd of people always ready to sing along, dance and clink their glasses. The wide selection of beers, great service and cosy atmosphere places this spot among the best bars in Skopje – it’s totally worth visiting!

Kolektiv Bar

Another cool spot for beer lovers and foodies, this bar is located right on the main square of Skopje. Unlike most bars in Skopje, Kolektiv offers craft beers and a wide selection of craft food and snacks. Although it’s placed in a very busy area, the ambience is chill and pleasant. If you’re into rock, blues and jazz, add this place to your checklist – the music is awesome and there are live shows on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

Irish Pub St. Patrick

Best Bars In Skopje Irish Pub

Located in the City Shopping Center GTC, just a minute walk from the town square, this pub is the perfect starting point of any bar crawl. St. Patrick is the first Irish Pub in Macedonia and it has been serving guests and organizing live gigs for almost 20 years. The look and feel of an authentic pub is what makes it stand out among the bars in Skopje. If you’re into this type of interior and ambience, this is the right place for you! You’ll be greeted by super friendly staff that will help you choose from a wide range of beers and alcoholic drinks. This bar might not be the best spot for partying, but it’s a great place to hang out with your friends and get dinner and drinks. That’s what the best bars in Skopje are all about!

Mr. Jack 

If you’re looking for a nice whisky bar, this is it! Mr. Jack is located in the center of the city, yet it has a very pleasant secluded terrace where you can enjoy your evening. It’s one of the very few bars in Skopje that doesn’t have a food menu, but they do serve complementary peanuts and chips with all ordered drinks. Mr. Jack offers a variety of whiskies and other hard liquors, a chill atmosphere and a good service. Of course, there’s a live band on weekends playing mostly jazz and rock music. 

Rakija Bar Kaldrma

Located in Old Town, just across the city square, Kaldrma is the first rakija bar in Macedonia. If you really want to explore the drinking aspect of the Macedonian culture, you have to visit this bar. Kaldrma offers more than 30 types of rakija, delicious food and live music gigs. A lot of bars in Skopje serve rakija, but this is the only place where you can taste the different takes on this traditional drink. If you’re looking to experience a fun night out in the Old Town, make sure you add Kaldrma to your checklist!

Café Bar Vinyl

If you’re looking for a hip, modern setting right in the center of Skopje, check out Vinyl. It’s one of those bars in Skopje that represents the urban spirit of the city. Vinyl offers a variety of beers, cocktails and hard liquors, excellent service and great music. This is the place where you can dance to the sounds of techno and house music played by local DJs and meet cool friendly people ready to get the most out of their evening!

No matter how rough of a day you had, the bars in Skopje will always be there to help out and lift your spirits. Just choose a starting point, order your favorite drink, and let Skopje give you a night to remember!