Airbnb Skopje rentals – what you need to know

If you play with the Airbnb search bar and type in Skopje, you will get around 500 results with places that the service recommends for your accommodation in the capital of Macedonia. Just like searching for an apartment in any other city, in Skopje, you will find tons of luxury places with crazy prices per night as well as dump places 10 kilometers away from the center of the city. In other words, short term rentals in Skopje are boomin’ and renting on Airbnb has become a legitimate business for many a home owners.

Luxury Skopje Apartments Airbnb

So, just like renting a place in Paris, or Madrid, or Hong Kong or New Your, you should be careful where you rent in Skopje so your vacation can go on as planned.

If you are looking for a short term rental in Skopje you will be fine because you will find plenty of places located in the center of the city with affordable prices. You will probably spend most of your time wandering around the town anyway, but why not rent a nice place as well, especially when the prices are laughable when compared to western standards?

Without further ado, here is some advice that you can find practical if you plan to stay in a Skopje Airbnb apartment.

Finding nice Airbnb Skopje rentals

Skopje Apartment Airbnb

In Skopje, everything happens in the center of the city, so even if you plan to see other main attractions always book accommodation that are near or at the very center. The main pedestrian street is called “Macedonia” and this should be your starting point when you are planning to book an apartment. Everything in a radius of 1-2 kilometers from this street should be fine.

This way you will be close to all the restaurants and bars, the parks, the main bus station where you can find a bus line to any part of the town you want, to most of the malls, parks and all the monuments and attractions.

Additionally, if you don’t like to take the bus, the taxi is still a really cheap alternative in Skopje. It will cost anywhere between 5 to 8 euros and you can take a ride from the center to the farthest point in any direction.

The normal price for a night in the center of the city should be around 25-30 euros during the festive season and during the summer. But you can also find a nice place to stay for 20 euros considering it is further away from the center but nevertheless within the 1-2 kilometers area that we mentioned earlier.

The citizens of Skopje are best known for their hospitality, so before you book contact the owner of the place and ask anything of interest. They will gladly help you!

If you are looking for short term rentals in Skopje make a plan for what places you want to visit during your trip, and this will also help you book the best accommodation. For example, if you plan to just transit through the city and just have few hours for sleeping and taking a shower, check which place is closer to the highway so you can skip the traffic jam in the city and be on the road in no time. 

The best Airbnb Skopje rentals

The pictures below highlight some of the best short term rentals in the Macedonian capital that you can find on the Airbnb platform. The prices are not listed since they might change in the future so look at this collection as you would at a show catalogue. I hope it will give you a nice estimate on what to expect when renting in Skopje.

Most of the places include air-conditioning (Skopje can be very hot during the summer), a kitchen, private bathroom, TV, cable and internet. The prices can vary from 20 to 60 dollars per night, depending on the accommodation and its capacity.

Renting a hotel room in Skopje

Doubletree By Hilton Skopje

Don’t forget to check the hotels and hostels in Skopje as well, because sometimes you can find a nice offer, even better than the one you already found on Airbnb. In the center of the City, you will find the most exclusive ones like Marriot, Stone Bridge, Solun, Ibis, Holiday In and many more. But you can also find nice and luxury hotels in other parts of the city like Hilton or Alexanders Palace that are better for people that travel by car, because they are closer to the highways.

If you are looking for a hotel stay that will be in the middle price range you can check the hotels located in the base of the mountain Vodno. This way you will also enjoy the fresh air in the morning and the great view of the city at night.

Depending on your choice the price for a night at a hotel ranges from 30 to 130 euros, so make sure to double check before you book. Renting in Skopje is usually affordable but always check the sum total before placing your reservation!

Just as we mentioned earlier you can book the best accommodation in Skopje depending on your plans and you can never go wrong. If you need any help or if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask for help and message the owner of the property that you want to rent. Don’t forget to read the reviews of guests because as every traveler would tell you “the devil’s in the details”. Start with the Airbnb rentals in Skopje, and you will find a suitable place in no time.