Macedonian zip codes, postal info, calling code and emergency numbers

Whether you are entering the Republic of Macedonia for a longer stay, or simply passing by, this guide will come handy. Even if you are thousands of miles away, but want to send a package or learn how Macedonian customs work, we have you covered.


Listed below, you will find the Macedonia postal codes, or Macedonia ZIP codes if you so prefer, and the complete list of every Macedonia area code or phone number. Not to make this any longer than it is necessary, let’s start with the Macedonia zip code system right away.

Macedonia Zip codes / Macedonia postal codes

The postal codes of Macedonia are four digit numbers that correspond to every municipality. There is also a more detailed fragmentation of urban centers, so you can find a different zip code for one neighborhood as opposed to another.

Do note, however, that when a package is being sent, it doesn’t necessarily have to arrive at the exact postal extension. The postal system in Macedonia will accept packages or letters, and readdress them to the right postal codes when needed. Make sure to get the right Macedonia zip codes for each city, and worry not about specific post offices.

When talking about the Macedonia zip code and the Macedonia postal code, you have to realize it’s the exact same thing. The ZIP is an acronym for the Zone Improvement Plan, and it is used only in the United States. The rest of the world, when referring to this same code, would say Postal Code.

So here is the list:

  • 1000 Skopje
  • 1200 Tetovo
  • 1230 Gostivar
  • 1250 Debar
  • 1300 Kumanovo
  • 1330 Kriva Palanka
  • 1360 Kratovo
  • 1400 Veles
  • 1430 Kavadarci
  • 1440 Negotion
  • 1442 Demir Kapija
  • 1480 Gevgelija
  • 2000 Štip
  • 2210 Probištip
  • 2220 Sveti Nikole
  • 2300 Kočani
  • 2310 Vinica
  • 2320 Delčevo
  • 2304 Makedonska Kamenica
  • 2326 Pehčevo
  • 2330 Berovo
  • 2400 Strumica
  • 2420 Radoviš
  • 2460 Valandovo
  • 6000 Ohrid
  • 6250 Kičevo
  • 6330 Struga
  • 6530 Makedonski Brod
  • 7000 Bitola
  • 7240 Demir Hisar
  • 7310 Resen
  • 7500 Prilep
  • 7550 Kruševo

Do note that the capital of Skopje is the biggest, if not only administrative hub. That being said, you can find the offices of every major institution there, though smaller representative offices are still to be found in most of the larger cities.

The postal office won’t be a problem since any office regardless of scope functions well within the network, but if you have disputes with Macedonian customs, you’ll have to visit the capital.

Macedonia country calling code

The Macedonia country code is 389 and it is dialed right after your country exit code. Then you dial the Macedonia area code for a specific place, and the local number.

This sequence, however, is only valid when dialing landline telephone numbers. When you need to call a certain cellphone number, the Macedonia area code is excluded, and instead the mobile provider code is being used.

So before giving an example for calling both a landline and cellphone number, let’s see the extensive list of Macedonia area codes.

Macedonia area code list

Just remember that in front of every Area code you first need to dial the Macedonia country code (389).

  • 33 Berovo
  • 47 Bitola
  • 46 Debar
  • 33 Delchevo
  • 47 Demir Hisar
  • 34 Dojran
  • 34 Gevgelija
  • 42 Gostivar
  • 43 Kavadarci
  • 45 Kichevo
  • 33 Kocani
  • 31 Kratovo
  • 31 Kriva Palanka
  • 48 Krushevo
  • 31 Kumanovo
  • 48 Makedonski Brod
  • 43 Negotino
  • 46 Ohrid
  • 33 Pehchevo
  • 48 Prilep
  • 32 Probistip
  • 32 Radovish
  • 47 Resen
  • 32 Shtip
  • 2 Skopje
  • 46 Struga
  • 34 Strumica
  • 32 Sveti Nikole
  • 44 Tetovo
  • 34 Valandovo
  • 43 Veles
  • 33 Vinica

As for the mobile codes, they are much simpler since few mobile operators exist in the country.

  • T-mobile: 070, 071, 072
  • Vip: 075, 076, 077, 078
  • Lycamobile: 079

In two of the scenarios below, you are dialing a landline number, followed by a cellphone number:

  • [Exit code] + 389 [02] 123 456
  • [Exit code] + 389 [70] 123 456

You can notice that in the first instance you’ve been dialing someone who has a landline number, and is residing in Skopje. The second example is a cellphone number on the T-Mobile operator (though there is now an option for cellphone numbers to have one mobile code and belong to a different mobile operator – something you don’t have to concern yourself with).

The Macedonia phone number system is very simple. All you have to remember is to use the exit code from your country then add the Macedonia country code. Finally, before dialing the number you need, you have to dial either the Macedonia area code, or the mobile code.

When you are calling from within the country, a full cellphone number would look like this:

  • 070 123 456 (zero, followed by a mobile code, plus a 6 digit number)

A landline number would look like this:

  • 2 123 456 (local area code, plus a 6 digit number)

Macedonia emergency numbers

macedonian police
macedonian police

Up until recently, each emergency called for a different number (no pun intended). So if you wanted to call the police or the firefighting service, you would have used 192 or 193 respectively.

Now, however, the crisis management center, the emergency medical assistance, the firefighting service, and the police, are all accessed via the number 112.

So to put it in a more visible format – the Macedonia emergency number is 112.

The Macedonia ISO code

The ISO 3166-1 belongs to the ISO 3166 standard published by the International organization for Standardization (ISO). It defines codes for the names of countries, territories and special areas of geographical interest.

  • The two-digit ISO code for Macedonia is MK
  • The three-digit ISO code for Macedonia is MKD

Macedonian customs

While Macedonian customs are strict with goods declaration and import duties, there are certain goods which you do not have to declare. These goods are relieved from import duties for both Macedonian and foreign citizens.

The list is as follows:

Goods for personal use during the stay (personal luggage)

Tobacco products only if:

  • 200 cigarettes
  • 100 cigarillos
  • 50 cigars
  • 250 grams of smoking tobacco
  • An equivalent amount of different tobacco products

Alcohol and alcoholic beverages only if:

  • Distilled alcoholic and spirituous beverages with alcohol percentage over 22%: 1 litre
  • Distilled alcoholic and spirituous beverages and aperitifs of wine or alcohol base, the alcohol percentage of which does not exceed 22%: 2 litres
  • Wine: 2 liters
  • Perfumes: 50 ml
  • Eau de toilette: 250 ml.

The passengers from the country are granted relief from import duties on goods of non-commercial nature the value of which does not exceed EUR 350. This relief, however, does not apply for alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, perfumes and eau de toilette.

Passengers less than 18 years of age are not granted relief from import duty payment when it comes to tobacco products, alcohol and alcoholic beverages.

With this chapter, we conclude the guide on useful Macedonian codes and information, covering the Macedonia zip codes, the Macedonia country code, the Macedonia area code system, customs information and emergency numbers.

During your stay, remember to keep the passport with you at any time, and know that it is illegal for any entity other than the government to request it for safekeeping or as a form of guarantee.